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Virologica Sinica, 11 (3) : 251, 1996
Effect of cytokines on the infection of monocyte - macrophages with HSV- 1
Nanjing Medical University
In vitro hunian monocyte-line U937 cells and mouse peritoneal macrophages were inoculatedwith HSV-1,which were persistently treated with difterent cytokines since several days beforeor after inoculation. The effect of these cytokines on the infection of monocyte-niacrophages withHSV -1 was studied by virus titration,indirect immunofluorescent test for viral antigen and poly-merase chaln reaction technique for viral DNA in infected cells.The results showed that TNF - α50 u/mL,M-CSF 200 u/mL,IFN -γ1000 u/mL and IFN - α 1000 u/mL all enhanced the re-sistance of monocyte - macrophages to HSV - 1 infection,accelerated the clearance of virus DNAand inhibited the expression of viral antigen in the cells,moreover,they were antergic to the en-hancement activity of LPS for the virus replication in monocyte macrophages.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1996
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