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Virologica Sinica, 11 (3) : 264, 1996
Preliminary study on the method for detecting IgM antibody to hepatitis C virus
302 Hospital of PLA
Indirect ELISA for detecting IgM antibody to HCV was established based on recombinantantigens of HCV structural and nonstructural regions.The result showed it is easy, rapid,repro-ducible, specific and sensitive.Asti HCV IgM was positive only in the sera of patients with hepatitis C,and all negative in healthy donors.There were no cross reactions with IgM antihady toHAV and HBV.The false positive and negative caused by RF and specific IgG were removed.Itis suitable for the clinical detection of IgM antibody to HCV.The sera of 24 patients with hepatitisC were assayed for anti HCV lgM.The data indicated that the positive rate is 75i)fj in thepatients with acute hepatitis C.As ALT being nornial,anti HCV IgM became undetectable or itslevel dropped. Aiiti HCV IgM was detected in 9 of 16(56.3%) patients with chronic hepatitis.Among these 9 patients with anti HCV IgM,7 were with abnormal ALT and 2 with norinalAlT. puiti HCV IgM may persist in chronic active patients.The results suggested that AntiHCV lgM is a useful
  Published online: 5 Sep 1996
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