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Virologica Sinica, 11 (3) : 268, 1996
Isolation and characterization of tomato mosaic virus from tomato
Zhejiang Agricultral University
virus isolate(To-Sl)from tomato was collected in Ha11gzhou,Zhejiang Province.To-Slcould infect 24 plant species of three families.To-Sl produced mosaic symptoms on tomato,andlocal leision on N.tabocum White Burley. Its thern1al inactivation point was 85~90℃,dilutionend point was 10 ̄(-6)~10 ̄(-7).The virus particles were rod-shaped with the average length of288nm.The molecular weight cf To-Sl coat protein estimated was 2 1 000 Da.dsRNA analysisshowed that To-Sl corLqisted of one single st rand RNA with the length of 6.4 kb.In double-diffusion tests,spur forn1ation was observed between To-Sl and TMV,and the resuIts of in-tragel cross-absorption tests agreed with the double-diffusion tests.In gel electrophoresis,thepatterns of To-Sl virions were different from TMV.To-Sl shared one bands with TMV,butTMV had another band with slow migration.Cross protect ion tests showed To-Sl had no prrvtection eHect to TMV,and vice versa.On the basis of these characteristics theTo-Sl was identi-fied as tomato mosaic virus(ToMV).
  Published online: 5 Sep 1996
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