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Virologica Sinica, 11 (4) : 343, 1996
Morphology and morphogenesis of the isolated strain of rubella virus in BHK21 cell
Shandong Medical University
ltrathin secction electron microscopy was used to investigate the morphology and morpho-genesis of rubella virus(RV)JR23 and Gos-10 strains in BHK21 cells and its effects on cellularultrastructures.The results showed that virions were observed in the cytoplasm at 6 h postinfec-tion and a large number of enveloped virions were seen at 96 h postinfection.The virion wasspherical,45 to 75 nm in diameter,with a 25 ̄35 nm electron-dense core covered by a double-layered lcose envelope.A numbers of roughly spherieal electron-dense particles,20 ̄30 nm indiameter,could be seen in the cytoplasm.The virus was enveloped by budding through cytoplas-mic or vacuole membrane.There was no difference between the two strains in the morphologyand morphogenesis.
  Published online: 5 Dec 1996
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