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Virologica Sinica, 12 (2) : 142, 1997
Research on DNA vaccine carrying the rabies virus glycoprotien gene and its immune protection effects
Wuhan Institute of 
Biological Products
The plasmid p CMVCVSRG containing the full- length cDNA of G protein of rabies virus CVS strain was constructed and transiently transfected into NIH 3T3 cell. The expression of Gprotein in transfected NIH 3T3 was confirmed by indirect immunfluorescent(IIF) and alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline phosphatase (APAAP ) methods. The mice were inoculated withpCMVCVSRG, pSV2X3CVSRG, pCMV, pSV2X3, respectively. Only mice immuned with the G gene-containing vectors developed neutralizing antibody to rabies virus. After rabies virus challenge, the survival rates of DNA vaccine inoculated group have very significant difference comparing with negative control group (p < 0.01 ). The immune responses to the DNA vaccines containing different promoters(from CMV or SV40) and different G protein genes(from CVS strain or ERA strain) were compared and it was found to be similar in magnitude. The specific glycoprotein gene was detectable by PCR at least 120 days postinjection.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1997
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