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Virologica Sinica, 12 (3) : 219, 1997
Complete sequence of genome of hepatitis B virus precore stop codon variant isolated from a Chinese patient with fulminant hepatitis
Nanfan Hospital,the first 
Medical College of PLA , 
Guangzhou 510515
The sequence of entire hepatitis B virus (HBV) genome from one Chinese patient with fulminant hepatitis and also from a hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) positive carrier from the same region was determined using direct sequencing of amplified viral DNA. The fulminant case was infected with the precore stop codon variant. Compared the sequence from this fulminant case with sequences from fulminant isolate previously reported and also from HBeAg positive carrier from the same region, the results showed significant genetic variations throughout the HBV genome in the precore stop variant sequence and less in the wild type. The increase of variability in the core region in fulminant cases in the Far East origin was found: codon 84 ~97 showing high rates of changes. A clustered mutations previously described in the X region (126 ~ 132) in sequences reported in Japanese patients and encompassing the enhancer Ⅱ - core promoter region were not found in the isolate. This study firstly characterized a Chinese fulminant iso
  Published online: 5 Sep 1997
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