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Virologica Sinica, 12 (3) : 229, 1997
Effect of HHV - 6 infection on cytokines IL- 6, IL- 8 induction and NK activity of human peripherial blood mononuclear cells
Nanjing Medical University
The effects of HHV - 6 infection in vitro on cytokines such as IL - 6, IL - 8 synthesis and NK activity of human peripherial blood mononuclear cels (PBMC) were studied by comparing CN8 strain with GS strain. Interleukin - 8 (IL - 8) could be detected as eary as 24 h, plateaued at 48h or so by ELISA. There were significant differences of IL - 8 leve between the control groop and HHV -6 GS or CN8 strain infection groups- Comaring with uninfected cells, synthesis of IL - 6 in infected cells was inhibited slightly determined by biological activity assay and ELISA. The inhibition activity of GS strain was significantly higher than that of CN8 strain, By LDH releasing assay, activity of NK was augumnted 24 h after infection, then graduanlly decreased. The NK activity stimulated by GS strain was lower than that of CN8 strain- All these results indicated that HHV - 6 could disturb function of human immunoloical Cells and immunity inhibitbo activity of GS strain (A variant) was more remarkable than tha of CN8 strain
  Published online: 5 Sep 1997
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