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Virologica Sinica, 12 (4) : 313-321, 1997
Expression of Hantaan Virus Envelope Glyeoproteins Gl and G2 in E .coli
Tangdu Hospital ,The Fouth Mititary Medical 
University,Xi'an 710038
Tlle expression vector plasmid pBV220 was used tO expre~ ,the envelope曹lycuproteins,G1
andG2 ofFtantsall~vil-uJ5inE.co/i.First,the codingframegenesofG1 andG2werem plifiedby
PCR,and doned into the PCR product cloning T—vector,then they;were cut f u蜕|唱 抟s韵曲蛹n
endonudeases from the T~vector cloning plasmids.Last.the expression pl∞ of G1^ G2
were constixtcted llgatingthe oondingframesofG1 andG2with眈 曲iDn豫呲 蛐.The
expressed proteins could not be seen on SDS—PAGE ge1.Tbey coutd he reacted with part of
mono clonal antibodies against Hantaan virus G1 and G2.but not he t墨ted in We|tem ,bI卧.Mice
were immunized with expressed Gl and G2.an tibody ag ainst Han ~ n V~t/S。0uld he ~sted in the
sera of the immunized mice.the IFA(Indirect 1:160 and l:320,respectively.
Assay)antibody titers were l
  Published online: 5 Dec 1997
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