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Virologica Sinica, 13 (1) : 83, 1998
In vivo Cloning of Helicoverpa armigera Single Nucleocapsid Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus Genotypes
Department of Virology Wagening Agricultural University.
Binnenhaven 11,6709 PD Wageningen.the Netherlands
Seven distinct genotypes were isolated from wild type Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid NPV (HaSNPV W)by low mortality dose infection of 3rd instar H.armigera and progency viral DNAs extracted from individual cadaver were analysed by endonucleases.Each of the 7 genotypes had different EcoRI profiles.The BamHI profiles of the 7 genotypes could be distinguished by a particular fragment:the sizes of BamHI H fragment for G 1,G 2,G 3,G 4DNAs were 3.3kb,for G 5 and G 6,they were 3.5kb,and for G 7,it was 2.7kb.These results showed that the wild type HaSNPV was a mixture of at least 7 genotypic variants.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1998
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