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Virologica Sinica, 13 (2) : 132, 1998
Preliminary studies of hepatitis C virus with immune electron microscopy
Key Laboratory of the Ministry Health for Research on Quality control
and Standardization of Biotech products.NlCP8P.Beijing 100050
With the technique of immune electron microscope,the morphology and structure of HCV were studied.After homonization of liver tissue,immune precipation with McAb to HCV C region′s antigen, and negative staining,a kind of HCV associated virus like particles was visualized.They were mainly 55-56 nm in diameter,spherical,enveloped and uneven or smooth fringe,which are similar to Togaviradae morphologically.With indirect immuno electron microscopy,there were colloidal gold particles conjugated with the virus particles and sorrounding meteriales. With immune staining of tissue piece before embed, doubious particles like virus, particles morphologically were visualized in piles. And, with in situ embed after immune staining with HCV E region′s McAb,a kind of things,which were about 50 nm in diameter,circular and conjugated with colloidal gold inside,was visualized.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1998
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