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Virologica Sinica, 13 (2) : 166, 1998
Cloning NS3 gene of Hepatitis G Virus from Chinese Patients of Post·Transfusion Hepatitis and Its Sequence Analysis
1 Institute of Basic Medical Siences.Academy of Military Medical Sicences,Beijing 100850
2 Health and Anti—epidemic Station for Hehei Province.Baoding 071000
302 Hospital of PLA,Beijing 100039
Epitope of HGV NS3 protein was analyzed by Goldkey Program,and according to predicted results,primers of NS3 gene were synthesized.HGV RNA was extracted from patients of post transfusion hepatitis,cDNA fragment of NS3 was amplified by RT PCR.Target gene was cloned into pGEM T vector,and sequence analysis showed that the fragment of NS3 is 591bp,G+C is 58.37%.The homology of nucleotide and reduced amino acid between the isolate and other strains from America and China is 84.26%-86.13%,94.42%-94.92%,respectively.The homology between Chinese strains is higher than that between American.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1998
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