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Virologica Sinica, 13 (3) : 221, 1998
Genetic variation characteristics of hepatitis C virus hypervariable region
Institute of Microbiology and EpidemioLogy,Beijing 100071
At three time points duing the period of five years, the hypervaviable region gene of HCV from two patients with HCV persistent infection was amplified, sequenced and analyzed. The results demonstrated that there were five significant characteristics in genetic variation of HCV HVR. 1. Wide mutation degree and range. HVR is consistent of 81 nt and 27 aa, 89%nt (72/81) and 96%aa (26/27) mutated in 168 clones; 2.Different mutation types. Except the common substitution mutation, deletion was 22.5%; 3. Apparently dominant clones. Dominant clones always existed, although genetic variation was significant among clones at one time point;4. Phenomenon of quasispecies is very severe. In conclusion, this study demonstrated that the genetic variation of HCV HVR showed high complexity and diversity.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1998
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