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Virologica Sinica, 13 (3) : 230, 1998
Comparison of Amino Acid Consensus sequences of M embrane Protein V3 Region between International and Local Epidem ic HIV-1 Strains from Yunnan During 1992— 1994
Department of Molecular Virology.Medical College of Qingdao University.Qingdao 266021
The amino acid consensus sequences of membrane protein V3 region of HIV 1 Yunnan epidemic strain named YNV3 and two groups of amino acid consensus sequence YNV3A and YNV3B\ were deduced from DNA sequences of env gene V3 region of 16 local strains collected during 1992-1994,and analysed by DNASIS and PROSIS software. The conservaty of each amino acid in the YNV3 was calculated. The amino acid sequences of YNV3A and YNV3B were compared respectively with that of epidemic strains from other parts of the world for the homology analysis. The results showed that average variation of amino acid was 7.66% in the 35 amino acids which composed the consensus sequences of YNV3. The amino acid consensus sequences of YNV3A and YNV3B showed higher homology with that of HIV 1 American European strain and B subtype of Thailand strain, respectively. The results revealed that there is a closed relation ship between Yunnan Ruili HIV 1 epidemic strains in evolution. The domain epidemic strains in the area were mainly from HIV
  Published online: 5 Sep 1998
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