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Virologica Sinica, 13 (3) : 237, 1998
Microcarrier cultivation of silkworm BmN cell and high-level expression of HBeAg gene
Distribution of silkworm Bm N cell attachment to Cytodex 3 microcarrier was observed and the influence of cell inoculation concentration and microcarrier concentration on cell growth was studied. The minimal cell inoculation concentration was 1.0×10 5 cells/mL when Cytodex 3 microcarrier concentration was 3g/L. Cultured under the proper conditions (inoculation concentration: 3.6×10 5 cells/mL; microcarrier cytodex 3 concentration: 5g/L) for 5 days, the final cell concentration of BmN was 2.8×10 6 cells/mL. The cell growth index was 7.9. At 48-60 hours after cell passage, the Bm N cells was inoculated with rBmHBe (multiplicity of infection Mol=0.4 PFU/cell). Five days later the HBeAg titer in the medium was 1∶96000 and in the control group it was 1∶32000.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1998
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