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Virologica Sinica, 14 (1) : 11-16, 1999
Isolation, Identification and Biological Propertiesof Ten-Strain Variclla-Zoster Viruses
Taizhou Ciey Sanitary and Epide~nic Prevention Stalion,Taizhou,Zhejiang Province 317000
Ten strains of virus were isolated from vesicle fluid of skin lesions of 12 patients with variclla or herpes zoster by means of Vem-E6 eeUs.The postive rate was 83.3% These viruses all cause typical cell damages such as rounded and shrivelled,fusion and fallout.These damages got quick following increased future degenerations The typical fluorescence lump of nucleus within the infected cells would be found by indirect immunofluorescence technique.The antigen samples prepared with virus—infected cells could be used to examine the sera of patients with herpes zoster and it could be found that the antibody titer in recovering stage was four times as much as that in acute stage.VZV was sensitive to Vero cells and not sensitive to the primary simple-lager cells from M eriones unguiculatus kidney, fetal rabbit kidney and fetal guinea pig kidney,lung and spleen VZV was nsensitive to newborn white mouse too.The viruses would die within one week at 一20℃ 。but they can be preserved in Eagle。s solution containing de-fat milk,newborn bovine serum and sorbitol at 一100℃ over two years
  Published online: 5 Mar 1999
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