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Virologica Sinica, 14 (1) : 36-41, 1999
M olecular Cloning and Sequencing the NS5 Genomic Region of HGV Guangdong and Hong Kong Strains
Department ofinfectiousDiseases,Sun Yat&mdash
Sen University ofMedical Sciences,Guangzhou 510630
HGV NS5 cDNA of two Hong Kong strains and one Guangdong strain were amplified by re—
verse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).T}le products were inserted into pUC19 vect0rs
respectively.~fter transfecting DH5a and JM 109 strains.the reeombinants were screened and identified
by PCR and dig ted wlth restriction erldDnudeses.n 1e nudeotldes were sequenced by the Ndmxy chain
termination method n 1e homologies d HGV NS5 r~ ion nucleotide and d~umd&lTlillO acid sequences
were 93 3% 一94% and 97% 一99.2% re印ecnve【v between eachHangKong strainandtheGtm~dong
strain an dwere 90% 一91 2% and 94% 一96 3% ,87.1% 一89.5% an d 95.2% 一97% 91 4%
93 8% and 97% 97 9% respectively Compared with the reported China isolate(CN) American iso—
lates(PNF2161 and R10291),and West African lsolated(GBV-C) T}1e variant sites of the nudeotides
appear spor~ ieally T}le nucleotide an d ded umd amino acid seQuences of HGV NS5 genornic region are
relatively conserved ,andit also sog gests thatthe nudeotide variation ofHGV may beinfluenced by geo—
graphical factors
  Published online: 5 Mar 1999
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