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Virologica Sinica, 14 (1) : 58-71, 1999
Location,Sequence and Promoter Structure of Apoptosis-Inhibiting Gene of Leucania seperate Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus
Institute Virology,Wuhan Uni~rsity,Wuhan 430072
LsNPV DNA restriction fragments were hybridized with p 35 gene fragment of AcNPV. The 5.5 kb fragment of LsNPV was cleaved by single and double degestion and its physical map was constructed. After subcloning and sequencing, a intact ORF that is 906 bp in length, deduced amino acids are 302 in number was found. There are GC, ACGT motif and TATA box which are specific sequence of promoter of baculoviruses early gene. This ORF of LsNPV was compared with p 35 gene of AcNPV, and 80.4% nucleotide sequence homology and 70.4% amino acid sequence homology were found between two genes. Furthermore, in its promoter region there is 22 bp forward repeat, including 2 sets of promoter units, each is composed of 2 overlapping TATA box and 2 sets of ACGT motif in the upstream and the downstream of TATA box.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1999
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