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Virologica Sinica, 14 (2) : 163-168, 1999
Sequencing and Com parison of NS2-3 Gene Fragm ent of Classieal Swine Fever Virus Shimen Strain
Institute of Virology,Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072
A couple of CSFV specific primer(PF 5648 and PR 6604)was designed with the aid
of computer primer designation software and synthesized based upon the relative conserved regions
of published sequenL-~s of C strain.NS2-3 gene(p125 gene)fragment of CSFV Shimen strain was
amplified successfu~y by RT-PCR from the anticoagulant blood of infected pig. The product
length is 957 bp,located in the central of NS3,a putative NTPase and helicase domain.The ob—
tained PCR product was cloned and then sequenced.The sequence showed that this fragment con—
tained all of seven typical consexved segments of helicase superfamily, including two common
N11P—binding motifs,namely,“A”site(GXGKT/S)and“B”site(3hy,2x)D.Sequence ho—
mology analysis revealed that Shimen strain had the highest homology wi th Japanese strains(ALD
and GPE ),and slightly lower homology with other three CSFV strains (C.Brescia and AI—
fort).Shimen strain had also significant homology with two BVDV strains (NADL and SD-1)
The deduced amino acid sequence homology of Shimen strain with five CSFV and two BVDV
strains was all upper than 90% .It is further confirmed that this fragment is the most co nserved
in pestivirns amino acid sequence It is cons istent with its essential function in replication and
trans lation of virus genome and in processing of polypmtein precursor
  Published online: 5 Jun 1999
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