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Virologica Sinica, 14 (2) : 174-180, 1999
The Nucleotide Sequence of the 3 End of Fusion Protein Gene of Canine Distemper Virus Giant Panda Strain
The Veterinary Institute ofChangchun Uni~,rslty ofAgriculture and Animal sctences,Changchun 130062
The cellular tota1 RNA was isolated from 1ivers of the died giant panda.then the tern
plates were produced by reverse transcription reaction.Two couple primers were applied to ampli—
fy the 3 end of fusion protein gene of canine distemper virus(CDV)giant panda strain About
620 bp and 780 bp fragments were amplified .The fragments were purified and sequenced There
were 693 base pairs in the 3 end of fusion protein gene of CDV gian t panda strain.Its homology
with CDV vaccine attenuated strain, CDV Onderstepoort attenuated strain, phocine distempe r
virus type 2(PDV一2)and phocine distemper virus type 1(PDV一1)in nucleotide and amino acid
were 97 5% an d 96.2% ,88.6% and 94.5% ,92.9% an d 95.6% .63.2% and 76 5% .re—
spe ctiveIy.The hydmpathy profile and the second structure of the fusion protein gene in the 3
end of CDV giant panda strain were different from other strains.The numbers of the non—enco d—
ing region nucleotides of CDV giant panda strain were 9 nucleotides 1onger than CDV Onder—
stepeort strain in the same region.There were on@ 17 nucletidea homology in the lastest 3 end
58 bp between the two CDV strains.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1999
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