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Virologica Sinica, 14 (3) : 222-229, 1999
Purification and Serological Characteristics of Disease-Specific Protein of Rice Stripe Virus
Institute of Plant Virology of Fufian Agricultural University,Key Laboratory of Plant Virology of Fujian Province,Fuzhou 350002
According to the differential pH precipitation of proteins, two methods were established for purification of disease specific protein (SP) in rice plants infected by rice stripe virus (RSV), a member of \%Tenuivirus.\% The yields obtained by the two methods were 0.8 and 2.0 mg SP per g of infected tissues, respectively. After separation by SDS PAGE, further purified SP was obtained. The Mr of SP is 20.1 kDa. Antisera against the crude and further purified SP were prepared with the titer of 51 200 and 6 400, respectively. The antiserum against the further purified SP was proved to be highly specific, with which the serological relationships between RSV SP and RSV CP, CP and SP of rice grassy stunt virus (RGSV), another member of \%Tenuivirus\% were studied. Using PAS ELISA, it was found that RSV SP antiserum did not react with RSV CP and RGSV CP, but weakly reacted with RGSV SP. No serological relationship existed between RSV SP and the antisera raised against RSV CP, RGSV SP and RGSV CP, respecti
  Published online: 5 Sep 1999
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