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Virologica Sinica, 14 (4) : 304-309, 1999
EB Virus Infection and M utation of p53 Suppressor Gene in Gastric M ucom a Dam ages
Wuhan Institute of Virology,Academia Sinica,Wuhan 430071
The ThirdHospitalof Wuhan,Wuhan 430060
To investigate the relationship between EBV infection and genesis of gastric cancer,PCR, PCR-SSCP assay and direct in situ PCR technique were performed on samples of gastricmucoma damages; EBV infection rate was 30. 1 % in 166 samples; EBV was scattered in tissuesand roughly in nucleuses. p53 gene mutation rate was 54. 5% in 66 samples. In contrast, p53gene mutation rate was 75% in EBV-positive samples (21/28), but 39. 5 % in EBV-negative ones(15/38). The results suggest that EBV is infectious for gastric mucoma cells, p53 gene mutationis common in gastric mucoma pathological changes, EBV infection has high correlation with p53mutation, and is of importance during the genesis of cancer
  Published online: 5 Dec 1999
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