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Virologica Sinica, 14 (4) : 343-352, 1999
Characterization of Proteins and Nucleic Acid of Rice Stripe Virus
Institute of Plant Virology of Fujian Agricultural University,Key Laboratory of Plant Virology of Fujian Province,Fuzhou 350002
An isolate of rice stripe virus (designated as RSVYL) was purified. The particlesshowed to be pleomorphisms under electron microscope, mainly branched filamnts of about 80-250 nm in length and abeut 8 nm in width. There are also some open circular filaments of 3nm and 8 nm in width, and some filaments of 13 nm in width and 130-190 nm in length.The basic morphism of RSV particles should be filaments of 3 nm in width and various length.By SDS-PAGE analysis, the molecular weight of disease-specific protein (SP) encoded by vRNA4 was 19. 9 kDa and tha of coat protein (CP) encoded by vcRNA3 was 33. 6 kDa. Whennucleic acid extrcted from the purified RSV was electrophoresed under nondenaturing condition, the she of four dsRNAs(designated as dsRNA1-4 in order of decreasing size) was 4. 9×106, 2. 7×106, 2.0×106 and 1. 7×106 Da, respectively, and that of four ssRNAs (designated as ssRNA1-4 in order of decreasing size) was 3. 0×106, 1. 2×106, 0. 9 ×106 and 0. 8×106 De, respectively. A fifth Segment with a size of 0. 58×10
Key Words:  ;  Rice stripe virus;  Protein;  Nucleic acid;  Serology
  Published online: 5 Dec 1999
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