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Virologica Sinica, 15 (2) : 93-096, 2000
Activity Comparison and Mechanism of Two Promoters of Bovine Foamy Virus
College of life 
Science,Nankai Unifiersity,Tianjin 300071
Abstract:Two promoters.LTR (1ong terminal repeat)and IP (internal promoter),exist in
genomes of foamy viruses.Ge1l transfection and transient expression assay demonstrated that!the
basal activity of BFV (bovine foamy virus)IP is much higher than that of BFV LTR;transacti.
vator of BF 一Borf-1,which activates gene expression directed by BFV LTR,aLso hmctions on
BFV IP with an activation foId higher than tha t on LTR .The results suggest that BFv IP and
LTR may regulate viral gene expression by difierent mechan isms,and that Bod-1 ma y stimulate
BFV IP and LTR in diferent ways.In addition.an in vivo DNA compe tition assay demonstrat—
ed that a comm on transcxiption factor may be involved in both mechanisms of the two promoters .
  Published online: 5 Jun 2000
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