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Virologica Sinica, 15 (2) : 188-192, 2000
Study on Replication and M orphogenesis of the Grass Carp Reovirus(GCRV)in CIK Cells
Wuhan Institute of Virology,Academia Sinica,Wuhan 430071,China
The morphogenesis of the Grass Carp Reovirus (GCRV) was studied in CIK cells. The CIK cells were infected by the GCRV at MOI (multiplicity of infection) of 5 10 PFU/Cell. It was demonstrated that the subviral particles without outer layer proteins could be seen in the cytoplasm at 4 hours post infection. At 8 hours post infection many viroplasms could be found in the cytoplasm of the cells. And there were many subviral particles without outer layer proteins in them. As the infection progressed, the mature virus, which is about 72 nm in diameter produced after the subviral particles were transiently enveloped during 12 16 hours post infection. During its replication, at 8 hour post infection inclusion bodies were formed, in which there were many immature and mature viruses. And the progeny virions were released after the inclusion bodies lysised at 16 20 hours post infection .
  Published online: 5 Jun 2000
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