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Virologica Sinica, 15 (3) : 220-225, 2000
Expression of Truncated HTNV Nncleoprotein and Analysis of Antigenic epitope
Dept.of Microbiology,Fourth Military Medical University,xi'an 4 710032,China
The expressing vector carring various truncated fragments of S gene of HTNV strain 76 118 was constructed and the vector efficienly expressed in E.coli . The result demonstrated that the GST NP fusion proteins exist in the form of inclusion bodies in E.coli , the expressing amount accounted for 29 36% of the total proteins, and the molecular weights were 72 kD, 66 kD, 54 kD and 44 kD, respectively. Western blot showed that all of the four fusion proteins were positive stained with HPR labeled anti GST McAb 3C11, but only the 72 kD and 54 kD fusion proteins were positive stained with HRP labeled anti NP McAb 1A8. Four recombinant NP (rNP), which molecular weights were 44 kD, 40 kD, 26 kD and 16 kD respectively, were obtained by removing GST from purified GST NP fusion proteins with thrombin. Mapping of antigenic epitope was done by 19 strains McAb. The result showed that 72 kD fusion protein could react with 13 strains McAb, which was same as authentic NP of HTNV. The truncated fusion protein (d
  Published online: 5 Sep 2000
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