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Virologica Sinica, 15 (3) : 249-254, 2000
Analysis of Structural Polypeptides and Restriction Patterns of Parocneria orienta Nuclear polyhedrovirus
Wuhan Institute of 
Wirology,Academia Sinica,wuhan 430071
The shape, structure, structural polypeptides and restriction pattern of Parocneria orienta Nuclear polyhedrovirus (PaorNPV)was studied. Assayed by vertical slab SDS PAGE, polyhedrin treated by heat contained a single polypeptide with molecular weight of 31.5 kD, while polyhedrin untreated by heat contained three polypeptides with molecular weight of 31.5 kD, 29.1 kD, 28.6 kD respectively; virion contained 25 structural polypeptides with molecular weight range from 17.6 kD to 114.6 kD. Digestion of PaorNPV DNA with restriction endonucleases, Bam H I, Eco R I, Hin d Ⅲ, Pst I and Xho I, resulted in 9,12,12,12 and 14 fragments, respectively. The PaorNPV genome was about 124.6 kilobasepairs (kb).
  Published online: 5 Sep 2000
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