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Virologica Sinica, 15 (4) : 388-394, 2000
Construction of Physical M apping of Goose-derived Adenovirus Genomic DNA
Cot of Ani Sciand Vet Med, Yangzhou  
University, Yangzhou jiangsu 225009.China
The genomic DNA library of goose derived adenovirus (strain Y 81 G 4) was constructed after ten fragments of viral genomic DNA digested with Hin dⅢ were cloned into plasmid pUC18 respectively. The inserted fragments of the ten recombinant plasmids were labelled with digoxigenin. Viral genomic DNA digested with Bam HI\, Eco RI\, Pst I or Eco RV were transferred to NC membranes after electropheresis and probed with DIG labelled cloned Hin dⅢ fragments respectively. The physical mapping of adenovirus Y 81 G 4 genomic DNA was constructed successfully by Southern blot. To compare strain Y 81 G 4 genomic DNA mapping orientation with EDSV strain AA 2, the cloned right terminal fragment of EDSV strain AA 2 was labelled with digoxigenin and probed with the two cloned terminal fragments of Y 81 G 4 genomic DNA by Southern blot. By comparison of homology the orientation of Y 81 G 4 genomic DNA were determined. These results will be helpful for construction of avian adenovir .
  Published online: 5 Dec 2000
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