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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 1-6, 2001
Research Article
M olecular Evolution of Guangdong Influenza Virus Isolates in Influenza Outbreak in 1996
Center for Desease Control and Prevention of Guangdong Province,Guangzhou 510300.China
It was demonstrated that there vcas significantly antigenic drift in the influenza virus strains
from Guangdong in 1996 I r was the mokcular basis of the variation oll A、B、C、D and E domain en—
coded by HA gene,especially on A、C and E domain while the change of receptor binding domain
played the slight roles in the 1996 influenza outbreak 1n the other hand.the variation of No 145 and
No 193 encoded by klA gene resuked in biological—feature changes of epidemical influenzu iso~.ates.
which could be iso[ated and cultured by MDCK cell—lines。but difficultly by embryonated.eggs
Key Words: Infiuenza Virus;  HA Gene;  Variation
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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