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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 22-27, 2001
Research Article
Sequencing and Homology Analysis for the Nucleocapsid Gene of JS/95/03 Strain of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus Isolated from Jiangsu,China
1 Key laboratory of animal disease diagnosticⅡ immun~ogy.Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing agricultural university.Nanjing 210095,China
2 Husbandryand veterinary stain tmn Xi iang UighurAutonomousRegion.Ulumuqi 830000,China
Field avian infectious bronchitis virus(IBV)designated as JS/95/o3。which was isolated
from Jiangsu province of china,was cultivated in chicken embryo.It’S single strain RNA was extract—
ed from purified virus and worked as template of reverse transcription polymexase chain reaction f RT—
PCR),a pair of primer designed according to megalign results of published IBV sequences in Genbank
was used to amplify the neucleocapsid gene,the RT·PCR product was sequenced directly Sequence
analysis revealed that the sequence of JS/95/03 is most homologized with that of M41 strain
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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