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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 45-50, 2001
Research Article
Cloning of 3’-terminal Part of Sugarcane M osaic Virus RNA and Sequence Comparison of CP Gene Between Chinese Isolate and Other Strains of SCMV
Institute orPlant Virology ofFujian Agricultural andForestryUniversity.Fuzhou 350002,China
ScMV.CA,an isolate of the doraJnant A strain in China continent was propagated on sweet
maize and purified.Cloned cDNAs representing more than 0.8kb of the 3’termini were obtained after
a reverse transcription and ligation to pUC19 in Sma1 site using an ollgo(dT)primer One clone
na med SCMV.CA54 was sequenced and the 1ength of the SCMV—CA54 was 1296 bp.The sequenee
covered the 3’untranslated region(3’UTR).coat protein(cP)mad part of the nuclear inclusion b
(NIb)genes of the virus.The nucleotide and deduced amino acid~equenee in the CP gene hatweell
Chinese isolate SCMV.CA and other isolates or strains of SCMV subgroup were compa red.Results
showed that the homology of nucleotide sequence in CP gene between SCMV—CA and other isolates or
strains of SCMV subgroup ranged from 63.7% to 77.6% .and amino acid sequence from 64% to
89% .This homology degree lies betwen the range for distinct viruses and tha t betwen related strains
of potyviruses,arguing tha t the Chinese isolate might represent a distinct virus.
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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