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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 78-80, 2001
Research Article
Expression of P 19 Gene of Avian Leukosis Virus in Escherichia coli
1 Department of Veterinary Medicine.South China A Univ Guangzhou 510640,Ch ina 2 Zhengzhou Animal Husbandry College,Zhengzhou 450008,China
Abstract:Based on avian 1eukosis virus(ALV)p19 gene termina1 nucleotide sequence,a 82 bp dou—
ble.stranded DNA fragment was chemically synthesized and cloned into the expression eect~r pGE—
M EX.1 The sequencing result indicated that the cloned fragmentⅥw a correct version of the one de—
signed both in nucleotide sequence and in its open reading frame.The recombinant was used to transfo/
Tn E.∞“ BL21(DE3) The cloned fragment was expressed as a fused protein with T7 gene 10
leader peptide and was shown to be 34 kD in size on SDS—PAGE ge1 when induced with l mmol/L
IPTG.The expression product was able to bind immunologically to rabbit anti—ALV serum in W est—
ern-blot assay and is being tested to differentiate exogenous from endogenous ALV .
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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