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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 81-84, 2001
Research Article
Homology Comparison of White Spot Syndrome Baculovirus(WSSV) from Penaeid shrimp
1 State Key Laboratory ofFresh,raterEcology andB~otechnology.1nstituteof Hydrohiology,Academia Sinica, Wuhan 430072.China
2.Jointtaboratot~+of InvetebrateVirology.WuhanInstitute VirologyAcademia Sinica,Wuhan 43007I.China
3.Soulhern Institute of Oceanography.Am Sinica—Guan~ u 510275,China
Homology of three WSSV isolates.which were sampled from representative maritime space
of China:Tanghai isolate(13o Bay of China),Ningbo isolate(East China Sea).Shenzhen isolate
(South China Sea)was compared.Both of the genome RFLP patterns and the characteristic structural
proteins SDS-PAGE electropherograms showed that they were quite$a/’ae.It suggested that they were
the same kind of WSSV virus that caused explosive epidemic diseases of shrimps(EEDs)throughout
southern and northern China The$drne large PCR products achieved when using the PCR primers
from RV—PJ:PRDV (P japonicus.Japan)and WSBV=PmNOBIII(P.morR~don Taiwan,Chi—
na)respectively to amplify the genome from P.chinensis(Tanghai,China)with high fidelity Taq
Polymerase.The sequence identities of WSSV from P.chinens~ with those from RV—PJ=PRDV
(P 血ponicus,Japan)and WSBV=PmNOBill(P.monodon Taiwan.China)are 97% and 100%
respectively,the results provided additiona l evidence that W SSV reported in different parts of the
Asian and Pacific regions maybe quite the same or jLISt different variants of the same virus
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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