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Virologica Sinica, 16 (1) : 85-87, 2001
Brief Reports
Study of Rheum officinale Against Coxsackievirus B3 in vivo
I Dep:lrtmerit ofMA’robiology.DaLi Medical college.Dali 671000,China
2 Vir“ R 『力5th ,Medi阳r 妇P,wⅡh¨un ,wⅡh月430071.Chin口
In order to search a effective therapy for viral myocardifis,antivial activity of Rheum offici—
hale on Coxsackieivirus B3(CVB3)was evaluated in BALB/C mice.After being determined optium
scheme with orthogonal design,mice infected with CVB3 were treated with Rheum officinale.rib—
avirin and 0.9% NaC1 The survival rates of the mice were 35% ,5% and 5% ;M ed Jan survival time
were 23.11 and 10.5 days;Infectious viml titers
repecfively,The lesions of cardiac tissues lightened
were 10一 ,10一 ’and 10一 ’TCID50/0.1 mL
inmicetreated withRheum offinicale.These re—
suits showed that Rheum officinale was effective in treatment of CVB3 infected mice The study pro—
vided scientific basis for further research and widen antiviral spectrum of Rheum officinale
  Published online: 5 Feb 2001
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