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Virologica Sinica, 16 (2) : 109-113, 2001
Research Article
High Expression,Purification and Imm uno-indentification of Recombinant HIV Surface Antigen gpl20
1 College of Life Sciences,Nankai University-Tiawin 300071 China
2 Center for STD/AIDS Prevention and control,Tianjin 300011, ina
Different—length fragments of the HIV trans-membrane antigen (gp120)gene were ex
pressed in Escherichia coti,using T7 expression system .SDS-PAGE stained by Coomassic Brilliant
Blue showed no expression of full—length gpl20 and poor expresion 0f half—length gpl20 fragments
from the N—terminal,but high expression of 1/3一lgenth gpl20 gene fragments from the N term inal
(including V1/V2 epitopes).more than 18% of total bacterial protein Western blot showed fairly
good reactivity to serum from HIV-infected individua1.On this basis,we expresed the corresponding
tp 120 fragments of the HIV strains epidemic in China This study laid a solid foundation for expIo—
ration of high expression of gP 120 in E coli and development of HIV serological diagnostic system for
Chinese people.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2001
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