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Virologica Sinica, 16 (2) : 128-130, 2001
Research Article
Immunoreaetivity Studies of Various HEV Antigen with Anti-HEV IgM of the Sear from Patients Infected with Hepatitis E Virus
Center for DiagnosticReagents,302 Hospital of LA,Belting 100039,China
Objective To compare the Iramunoreactivity of various HEV Antigen with An ti—HEV
IgM Methods Solid-phase erazyrne immunoassay(EIA )vcas developed for detecting anti HEV IgM
by using synthetic peptides E30,E42,E33,and recombinant antigen from HEV ORF一2 Results Of
60 anti-HEV positive sera by using E30,E42,E33 and recombina nt antigen as coating antigen,Anti—
HEV IgM positive rates were 76.7% .26,6% .18 3% and 66 7% respectively InAcute-phase and
convalescence—phase sera of the patients with Hepa titis E.An ti—HEV IgM positive rate was 90% and
3 3% respectively.Condusions The HEV E30一based EIA will be very useful in the early diagnosis of
Hepatitis E.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2001
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