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Virologica Sinica, 16 (2) : 135-139, 2001
Research Article
Morphology and M orphogenesis of the Isolated Varicelia.Zoster Virus in Rabbit Brain Nerve Cell
Dept.of Virology,School ofPublK Health.Shandong SJni~3ersity,Jinan 250012,China
To Investigate the morphology and morphogenesis of the isolated varicella—zoster virus
(VZV)in rabbit brain nerve cell(RNC),ultrathin section electron microscopy was used for study A
small number of nucleocapsids were observed in the nuclei of tLNC at 6 h post infection.A 1arge hum—
her of necleocapsids were seen in the nuclei and cytoplasm at 12 h post infection.and the peak was at
24 h,but end,elope d virions were rarely seen in the nuclei and cytoplasm.The virions were spherical
Cores,necleocapsids and enveloped virions are 30~50 nm,74~96肌and 110-180 nm in diameter
respectively.There were three kinds of nucleocapsids with electron dense,particle and empty cores
Electron dense body—like oDre and plate structure were observed both in nuclei and cytoplasm “Repli—
cation complexes”composed of vacuoles enveloped by membrane was seen in the cytoplasm .These re—
suits indicated that VZVJ1 showed diferent morphogenesis in RNC and other cells.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2001
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