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Virologica Sinica, 16 (2) : 140-146, 2001
Research Article
Complete Nucleotide Sequennce of the S Genome Segment of Hantavirus HTN261 Strain Isolated in the Northeast China
Institute of Viral Diseases.Provincial HealthⅡ Anti—epidemic Station of Heilongfiang,Harbin 150036、China
To determine the complete nuelcotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain which was isolated from the striped field mouse(Apodemus agraius)in Heilongjiang province of
the Northeast China.the complete nucleotide sequence of the S genome segment of HTN261 virus
strain was determined with two clones,which were obtained using RT-PCR,and by linking two over
lapping fragments into PUC19 vector respectively.The complete nueleotide sequence of the S genome
segment of HTN261 virus strain WaS 1697 nucleotides in length and contained one ORF encoding the
N protein starts at position 37 and ends at position 1326 The length of predicted protein,429 amino
acids,is identieal tO the N protein of HTN,DOB,SEO types of hantaviruses Comparison of S seg—
ment sequence of HTN261 strain with the corresponding sequences of other hantaviruses showed that
the dentities of HTN261 strain with HTN76—118 strain were 89% (complete nueleotide sequence)
andd 98% (amino acid sequence).Phylogenetie ana lysis showed that HTN261 strain with HTN76—
1 18 strain form one lineage within the clade containing hantaviruses of HTN type.But the identities of
HTN261 strain with HTN76—1 18 strain differ by 1 1% in complete nucleotide sequence of S segment
and 2% in amino acid sequence of N protein.HTN261 strain belongs to hantavirus HTN type and may
be a new subtype
  Published online: 5 Jun 2001
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