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Virologica Sinica, 16 (2) : 183-187, 2001
Research Article
Cloning,Sequence Analysis and Expression in E .coli of the EP0 Gene of Pseudorabies Virus Ea Strain
Lab of Animal Virohggy,College ofAnimal Science and Veterinary Medecine,Huazhong Agricultural University.Wuhan 430070,China
The 1 23 kb DNA fragment encoding the early protein EP0 of pseudombie8 virus(PRV)Ea strain
was amplified by PCR technique and doned inm pBluescriptlI sk+.Thiee sequencing plasmids containing the
partial fragment of the EPO gene were constructed and the sequences were obtained by ganger’S sequencing
technique Cc~npared wi山PRV InFh strain.there were multipile site-muratiens and a deleted-mutation in the
EP0 gene of PRV strain Ea,and the diversity-of anlino acid residu also existed,Then,the EP0 gene was in—
serted into an expression vector,pET-28a,fused into the downstream of the 6xHis-Tag in fram e,to yidd the
expression plasmid pETEP0 After induction by 球TG.a high expression of fusion protein was obtained.
PAGE analysis and Western blotting showed that the fusion protein WaS 62kD an d the protein WaS specific
toantisera against PRVEa strain si~dicated thatthe EP0 germ be expressedin l( )andthe ex—
pression products have immtmo-genicity
  Published online: 5 Jun 2001
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