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Virologica Sinica, 16 (3) : 215-219, 2001
Research Article
Preliminary Study of Hepatitis C Viral Quasispecies in
NS2 Region in Patients wiUl Hepatitis C Virus Infection
To explore the genetic variation of nonstmetural(NS)2 region and its gene structural characteristics
in hepatitis C vims quasispecies,NS2 genes ofHCV from a HCV as)~nptomatie~[Tier and apatien twith ab.
nomud ALT level t&teile amphfied by RT-nested-PCR respectively and cloned into T Yector.5 positive clones
form each of them were selected~ domly for sequencing.Eve~-clone WaS unique in nuclectide sequence and
amino acid sequence.A 0Bt all the NS2 gene clones from the asymptomatic carrier had complete ORF ex。ept
OIle done had a stop codon at 835aain HCV polypmtein.Butwhenit ean3~tothepatientwith abnorm al ALT
level,3 clones of them had stop cadom.at 835aa and 1 clone had a stop ced on at 887aa in polypretein. 0nly 1
clone had complete ORF.Comparing this ORF with the s~ ence of the as)~lptomatic carrier,most of the~aino
acid changes were confined to the N-termlnai.Simulating the so。ondarv strucRu~s of Ns2 proteins with intact
openreadingframe demomUated thatthe structure ofthe HCV patientwith abnormalA levelwas similart0
the dominant structure ofthe asymptomatic carrier.It could beseenfrom thetwopatientswith HCV infection
thatHepatitis C viral quasispeciesin NS2 r 0nhadan obvious diversity between HCv as)~lptoraatic p~riier
and HCV patient with abnomaal A leve1.The diversity suggested that the stale of HCV qua~species in NS2
region WSSlikelyto correlatewith the progression ofliver diseas
  Published online: 5 Sep 2001
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