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Virologica Sinica, 16 (3) : 252-256, 2001
Research Article
Construction of cDNA Clone and Nucleotde Sequence of RNA3 of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Isolate Xb from Banana
Institute of plant virology,Fujian Agricultural University,Key Lab of Plant Virology of Fujian Province,Fuzhou 350002.China
The nucleotide sequence of RNA3 of a cucumber mosaic virus strain from banana of subgroup Ⅱ(CMV-Xb) was cloned and analyzed at nucleotide and protein level after RT-PCR amplificaion with two pairs of primers.The results showed that CMV-Xb is composed of 2205 nucleotides(nt) with two open reading frames.The one near 5'termini(97~936nt) encodes a 3a protein with 279 amino acids(aa),the other near 3'termini (1225~1871nt)codes for coat protein with 218aa,The 5'non-coding region(NR),intercistron region(IR) and 3'NR are 96nt,288nt and 324nt, respectively.Comparison at the nucleotide and putative amino acid level with other strains in subgroup Ⅱ showed that the nucleotide sequence of Xb is very conservative in the encoding regions as well as non-coding regions.The evolution of RNA3s of subgroup Ⅱ members of CMV is consecutive.
  Published online: 5 Sep 2001
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