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Virologica Sinica, 16 (3) : 261-264, 2001
Research Article
L6565 M ouse Leukemia Induced by L6565 Murine Leukemi a Virus
I贵阳医学院免疫学教研室.贵州贵阳550004~ 2.武汉大学医学院病毒学研究所.湖北武汉43007 3武汉太学中南医院病理科,湖北武汉430071
Suckling mice were inoculated with L6565 blLV for researehlng the pathogeny of L6565 moL!se
Leukemia Afterinoeulatica~,叽emol3y,eⅧ sacrificed r3r week.Theperipheral blood,thymus,[ymp畸node,
spleen and liver weTe removed from l’lflOIl~.|I11e tissues were used to observe tIl0 pathological changes and to
detect1.6565 MLV RNA by RT-PC~ .At 3~5 weeks postinoeulation.routine thynms.1ymphy node began to
swell,And IIIOU~ leukemia was indueed at 10~12 weeks postinoeulatlon.L6565 MLV RNA Ⅵ∞ detected first
inⅡl0use thymus and s een at the se~nd week曲er inoculadon,and the viral RNA *,vaS detected in rnanv
/131iillle oigalls 8s time goes on.The results sh㈣d that L6565 l/lOUSe leukemia COIlld be jnduced by L6565
naalne leukemia、TirllS,and it is related to the transformation of lvmph0cyte by 1.6565 MLV.
  Published online: 5 Sep 2001
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