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Virologica Sinica, 16 (3) : 270-274, 2001
Research Article
Study On the Inhibition of Specific 01igonucleotides On Classical Swine fever Virus in vitro
College of Life Science,Peking University,Beijing 100871,China
The effect of oligodeoxynuclcotldes(ODN)OI1 replication of CSFV(Shimen strain)WSIS investigated in
this papor.Ph~phorthimte 01igedeox.vnuel·eoddes(PS-ODN)targeted to the~gion of the 3’,5._nonceding
re,on(NCR)as well SIS PS-ODNtargetedto NS3 gone region㈨maIke叭inhibitedthereplication of CSFV
in PK-15 cells.Antiviral activity of PS·ODN Writs evaluated bY fluorescent plaque fomaation assav.The results
presented here indicated that ODN 175 complementary to 5’temalnal conserved sequence mad it’s sense ODN
P5S。as wel as1’8 complementartoNS3 region exhibited strongly antiviral activity,whereasthe anfiviral acfivi一
押ofP3 andit’s enese PS-ODN W86 muchlower.Atthe sametime,antMral activity of sense ODN is sli
higher than corresponding antlsense ODN The inhibition ofODN is in a dose·and sequence—dependant]xlanller.
Inhibition of CSFV’s replication in PK一15 ceils Call be signllicanfly increased in the presense of lipofecfin by
either sense or anfisense 0DN.These data suggested both 5’·NCR and 3I_NCR may play important roles in
CSFV replication.
  Published online: 5 Sep 2001
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