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Virologica Sinica, 16 (4) : 304-308, 2001
Research Article
A Possible M echanism of Apoptosis Induced by Simian Immunoddideny Virus in PolymorphonudearNeutrophils
The aim ofthis stud),istoinvestigatethemechanis~s of apoptosisin polymorphonudear neutrophils
(PMNs)induced by simian immunodeficiency v~ (siv).In this experiment.gag gene was amplified by the
polymerase chaill reactio~andthe expression ofp53 and bc/一2 gC~12e were determined byWestern blot assay.
The results showedtllattl1e viability ofPMNs aftertreated with SIV was declined with the cLlk time pro
1~ged. gene could be amplified from PMNs at 24 h postinfection. expression of p53 gene in PMNs
W83 enhaneed at 24 h postinfee6on.At tlle s8me time。the expression of bcI一2 gene were elevated in both of
control and SIV infected group.but the production of 一2 protein in SIV infected group was obviously lower
than contro1.0tilt"dataindicatethat PMN$could beinfected witll SIV andthe ch~ged expression ofp53 and
bcI一2 gene~,66t be one oftlle meehanlsms of apoptosis occurred in PMN infected witll sⅣ.
  Published online: 5 Dec 2001
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