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Virologica Sinica, 16 (4) : 309-314, 2001
Research Article
Structure Characterstics of M &S Segment of Hantavirus,K24,strain
National institute for the Control of Pamoceutial and Biological Products,Beijing 100050,China
Abstract:Our pmvious studv showedthatK24 strain懈arI antigenicity broadHantavims SE0 type strain.In
this paper we studied the molecular characteristics of K24 strain.The total ceUular RNA Wilts extracted from in.
fected cell culture andtheM and S segment genewere ampficated byRT-PCR andthen cloned and sequenced.
The resultsindlcated thattheK24 strain completeM genome segment w丑s 3 652 nucleotidein length encoding
1 133amino acid,andthe complete S gmaon~segmoatwas1 772 nucleotideeneoa~ 429mnino acid.C0Ⅱ .
ingwith other hmatavirus rIs。the homology.
of M genmne segment with that of H] ,Arms is 70.7% 一
71.2% in nucleotide leveland75.9% 一76.9% in amino acid level respectively.wh wit}l that ofSEO virus
strains it WaS 95.2% 一99.2% at nucleotide level and 95.9—99.4% at amino acidleve1.The homology ofS
gen ome segment with H] 76.118 and SEO SR一1l showed 74.O% and 95.6% at nucleotide leve1.and 83.
3% and 97.9% at amino acidlevel_Thetesul:s a similartothat ofM gt~qome segment.Wh印c哪I with
10 SEO virus stu ns,therewere 4 amino acid diferencesintheM gencnae segment,whcihmi t be 叩m1sible
an tigeniclty characteristics broad.Phylogenictrees We constructed depending OI1the es ofril1.
cleotide and mnino acids respectively.
  Published online: 5 Dec 2001
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