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Virologica Sinica, 16 (4) : 325-329, 2001
Research Article
Distribution and Significance of HCV and HBV Genes and Their Related Antigens in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
The department of Pathology,The Fourth Military University,Xi'an,710032,China
HCV RNA and HBV X gene were detected by in situ hybridization and HCV core?C33c antigens and HBxAg were localized by immunohistochemical method.Results showed(1) The positive rate of HCV RNA and HBV X gene were 40%(55/136) and 82% (112/136) in HCC respectively,both of them were positive simultaneously,34%(46/136).HCV RNA was localized in the cytoplasm of cancerous cells and hepatocytes,the positive cells distributed in scatter,local or diffusion pattens.The distribution of HBV X gene in HCC cancerous cells showed cytoplasm,nuclear and nuclear cytoplasm,the positive cells distributed just as that of HCV RNA.(2) The positive rates of HCV C33c and core antigens in HCC were 81%(133/164) and 86%(141/164) respectively,and C33c antigen was localized in the cancerous cells intracytoplasmically,either in the form of focal or diffuse in distribution,some were access to the nuclear membrane.Not only was HCV core antigen positive stain distributed in the nuclei of the cancerous cell but it was also found in the cytoplas
  Published online: 5 Dec 2001
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