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Virologica Sinica, 16 (4) : 330-337, 2001
Research Article
Sequence Analysis of Helicoverpa armigera Single-nucleocapsid Nucleopolyhedrovirus odv-e66 Gene
1中国科学院武汉病研究所无脊推动物病毒学联台开放宴验室,湖北武汉430071~ 2.1aboratory 0f Virology,Wagemngen University,Bennenhaven II,6709PD Wageningen,the Nethedands
ODV E66 is the major protein of occlusion derived virions envelope of baculovirus.An odv e66 gene of Helicoverpa armigera single nucleocapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus was identified and sequenced.The HaSNPV odv e66 gene had a size of 2 109 bp and potentially coding a protein of 672 amino acids,with a molecular weight of 74.5 kD.A late transcriptional motif,ATAAG,was found at 20~ 24nt uppstream of the translational start codon ATG.There was a TATA box,a GATA box and a CAGT motif at 13nt, 92nt, 141nt upstream of ATG,respectively.Amino acid sequences alignment with so far identified baculovirus’ODV E66 had revealed a conserved hydrophobic region at the N terminal of ODV E66 proteins.A potential nuclear locating signal RR(K)IW was found conserved in all ODV E66 proteins.Two leu zipper motifs were found in the middle of ODV E66 proteins.Six potential transmembrane regions were found in HaSNPV ODV E66 protein.Two of them were conserved in the other baculoviruses’.Analysis with computer shown
  Published online: 5 Dec 2001
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