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Virologica Sinica, 17 (1) : 1-5, 2002
Apoptosis of Vaginal Epithelial Cells Induced by Infection 0f HSV-2 in Mice
1.Department Electron Microscopy,Medical College,Wuhan Uniwersn
2.DepartmentofCellBiology,VirusResarchInstitute,.Medical CoUege,Wuhan Uniwersity 3.Department of Pathology,Medical College,Wuhan Uniwersfry,Wuhan 430071,China
Abstract:Recently 8ome reports have shown that some viruses could induce apoptosis of infected cells
in uitro to limit their spread.To clarify the effect of HSV-2 strain 333 on induction of apoptosis and its
morphological characters in vaginal epithelia the mice were infected with the virus intravagina lly,an d
killed at the intervals between day 1-11 post infection(P.I.).The vaginas weTe taken and fixed in
10% neutral formalin for paraffinembeding section and TUNEL staining to demonstrate apoptosis.
The results were as follows.Numerous apoptotic cells appeared in the epithelia on the first day of in—
fection .the number of the apoptotic cells reached to a high level on day 2—11 P.I..At early stage of
apoptosis,the cell nuclei displayed norma1.but their chrornatin were stained by TUNEL staining.
W hen the chromatin condensed and migrated to the periphery.then left a blank space in the center of
the nuc .The apoptotic area spread widely.occupying 1/4·2/4 of the vaginal epithelia At the S;~L,’TLe
time,the necrotic areas and herpetic vesicles in the epithelia could be found to restrict only in Solve areas
not as widely as the apoptotic areas and were surrounded by the apoptotic areas The apoptotic cells
fell off into the vaginal hanen without form ing apoptotic bodies an d phagocyosis.The results showed
that the HSV一2 strain 333 could induce apoptosis and necrosis of vaginal mucosal epithelia at the 8an~e
time in mice.The apoptos~ might play an impomant role in limiting both the range of viral spreading
an dthe production of progenyvirus
  Published online: 15 Feb 2002
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