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Virologica Sinica, 17 (1) : 11-16, 2002
Research Article
The Immunization Study of Hepatitis C Virus E2 Gene DNA in Experimental Animal
Institute of Virology,Wuhan University.Wuhan 430072,China
Abstract:HCV E2 DNA fragment encoding E2 pmtein(amino acid 417—750)was cloned into the eu—
caryotic expressing plasmid pCDNA3 to get the recombinant plasmid pcE2.The pcD2 DNA was used as
gene vaccine to immunize rabbi~ and mice respectively.The specific antibody against HCV E2 was detected
by ELISA at 20 day after immunization,and WaS raising to highest level at 40 day,then main·
tained at the titer of 1:1 600.The CD4 and CD8 T-lymphocyte in immune mice increased compared
with the control group.the CD8 T_ 1 increased 35 46% aS measured by FACS.The immuuo-histo—
chemicaI assay of the tissue from immune mice demostrated that the E2 gene had expressed inside the
cells.this results indicated that E2 DNA has a good immunity
  Published online: 15 Feb 2002
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