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Virologica Sinica, 17 (1) : 26-29, 2002
Research Article
Study on M Genomic Segment of Hantaviros Strains Isolated from Different Areas in Hubei Province
1.Institute of Virology.Medical CollegeofWuhan University,Wuhan 430071,China
2.Department ofMicrobiology,Ton MedicalCollegeof Hva~ g Uiversityof Science and Technology.Wuhan 430030.China
3 Departmentof Infection,the ThirdHospital Wuhan,Wuhan 430060.China
Abstract:According tO Genebank sofeware of HV.the type-specific primers were desisgned cori-~s—
pording tO the conserved sequences in the GI region of M genomic segment of HV.A reverse—transcrip—
tion heminested polymerase chain reaction for HV was developed.Then.RT-heminested PCR was ap—
plied tO type 3O strains of HV isolated from different areas in Hube i province.The results are shown
that:(1)The 76/118、A9、H-114(HTNV)and R22(SEOV)Strains of HV were amplified and typed
using the RT-heminested PCR.And HV RNA could only be detected by this method.but other vira1
RNA couldn’t be detected .(2)30 strains isolated from different areas in Hubei province were typed as
HTNV amd SEOV。respectively.Those results suggested that:(1)The RT-heminested PCR was lea—
sible for detectiong and typing HV in Hubei province.(2)Both HINV and SEOV were found in eoid—
mic aro-.~.S of HFRS in Hubei province.Distinct hantaviruses could coexist in either different or the
sam e geographic or ecological zones in Hubei province.
  Published online: 15 Feb 2002
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