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Virologica Sinica, 17 (1) : 51-55, 2002
Research Article
The Immune Response Induced by Recombinant Adenovirus with Administration of Interaperitonea Injection
Institute of Medical Biology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College,Kunming 650118,China
Abstract:In order to investigate the immunity of the recombinant adenoviruses inoculated to the ani—
mals,structural gene from RNA of HAV was cloned by RT-PCR and inserted into the shuttle plasmid
(pXCX2Not I).A replication-defective adenovirus was rescued in 293 packing cells via homologous re—
combination of both ptasmid pXCX2·CMV—HAV and plMI7 containing AdS gertome with de[eforts of
E1 region by calcium phosphate technique.A series of methods were employed to identify the generat—
ed recombinant ademovirus(rAdI-IAV) The titer of rAdHAV stocks was up to I x 10 TCIDso/mL.
The Kunming mice were administrated with rAdHAV by intraperitonea injeetion(i.P.).Anti—HAV
IgG and HAV neutralizing antibodies were induced.In Conclusion,a recombinant replication—defective
adenoviros is an efficient delivery system to develop recombinant virus vaccine.
  Published online: 15 Feb 2002
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